Montag, 15. August 2011

:::::: MAD on(n) a Vintage trip ::::::

Happy 53rd Birthday, Madonna !!!

celebrating Madonna's Birthday this week, I'm gonna sell loads of 80's inspired Madonna items the next sunday on the NOWKOELLN Flowmarket at Maybachufer. 
Join me (LeMagass) and Giulia from Pane & Vintage for a real Cicconalicious 80's revival. Be the first 'LUCKY STAR' to get the best goods and come early. 
Those who have experienced the dissapointment of losing their beloved WOW/LeMagass/Pane & Vintage- item to another quick customer in the past know you should be dunkin' fast! 

I sell to everybody, but the ones who can decide immediately, without loads of bargaining (and I always give good bargain promotion prices for the ones who are nice/or those who are loyal customers). Be decisive, be unique, be LeMagass... 

can you believe I once have given over 50 EUR off a purchase at my LeMagass booth to a couple who bought some silk blouses, some sunglasses, a couple of pants etc. ? :-) You can't say I'm no good, right? LOL :-))))

expect some fluorescent accesoires, big hats, suits, tees, nice high-waisted retro pants and some lollipops!

strike a pose

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