Montag, 16. August 2010

nice tights, LOLA/ Happy B-Day MADONNA

 makin' mama very proud...nice style
loving these b/w tights and the round sunglasses. keep it up, LOLA

at the opening of "Material Girl", Lourdes' Leon first clothing line designed for MACY's...reminding me of the madonna-mania back in 1985.. 

on a side note: HAPPY 52th BIRTHDAY Mama MADONNA:

15.08.2010 FLOWMARKT pictures

a big THAAAAANK YOU, guys. I really enjoyed our sunday. the weather was shit, but hey, we had fun and met some really cool people. that's what it's all about, right? stories about lost records (vinyl), lost telephones (oh dear :-(), too small shoes, to tight dresses or too big jackets, too synthetic sweaters and SILK, really made my day. but the best compliment you could give me/us (HELEN is my partner in crime) was the one, saying our booth looks colourful and very early /90's MC-Hammer'ish! thank you whoever oyu are! I live for those moments. Yeah, fucking RIGHT ON. we love some McHammer-Pants, some Lambada skirts, some George Michael Leather Jackets, some Stacie Q leggins meets Madonna (I still have that gorgeous tiny lace top)...

anyway, here are some pictures I took yesterday. please feel free if you wish your picture taken away from my site and drop me a line. If you don't, I'll be happy to continue with my photo-stories for the next week to come...


Samstag, 14. August 2010

FLOWMARKT (today) !!!

the boy and the robot

helllö !

TODAY (sunday, 15th) we will be hustling at the FLOWMARKT just at the very beginning again (next to the stage) Nr. 006, next to James Bond (hihi, catch my drift?)

drop by and bring some good weather and cash with ya! 
I promise, there gonna be some goood good bargains waiting for ya!

Givenchy OVERSIZED Jacket
Satin-Imitate Blouson

c u later
Mavin & Helen

Freitag, 13. August 2010

Friday is here.
smthg for the weekend, y'all :-)

★ ★ ★
 "Calimero (german Intro)"

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010


my new original 80's "Lethal Weapon" sunglases. 
still thinking of selling them though.very shiny, very fresh, very brand-new
If you wanna look like that Dumbo Mel Gibson, contact me or come to the market
first come, first served. 


Hawaiian Shorts, stretch LEGGINS

BUTT MAG picture, that reminded me of some 80's style pants I still have in the attic, that I plan to bring along to the next FLOW-MARKET at Maybachufer this sunday.

 some stretch leggins (80's style MULTICOLOUR) bikerpants similar to that, are also thrown into the bag for the market.


Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

stu stu studiooooo

 Guiddo & Mavin    Mavin & Guiddo     Guiddo & Mavin 
 Mavin & Guiddo    Guiddo & Mavin     Mavin & Guiddo 
 Guiddo & Mavin    Mavin & Guiddo     Guiddo & Mavin 
 Mavin & Guiddo    Guiddo & Mavin     Mavin & Guiddo 

while recording the stuff for our new EP/LP (don't know yet, which it's gonna be) 
I did a small EPK, filming  our studio session on sunday (8.08.2010). anyways, enjoy!
(the track is called "Higher Stae Of Elevation")
Look out for Guiddo & Mavin very soon.  

u better frame that:
 Guiddo & Mavin    Mavin & Guiddo     Guiddo & Mavin 
 Mavin & Guiddo    Guiddo & Mavin     Mavin & Guiddo 
 Guiddo & Mavin    Mavin & Guiddo     Guiddo & Mavin 
 Mavin & Guiddo    Guiddo & Mavin     Mavin & Guiddo 

random summer pics