Freitag, 13. August 2010

Friday is here.
smthg for the weekend, y'all :-)

★ ★ ★
 "Calimero (german Intro)"

"Pszczółka Maja (polish Intro)"

"Wynken, Blynken & Nod"

"Barbapapa (german Intro)"

"Sindbad (german)" 
< I'm loving the Disco BEAT !!! me likey a lot

"Spadla z oblakov" aka "Sie Kam Aus Dem All"  
,that's where Lady GaGa got her inspiration from for 'Alejandro'?


"Adolar" (♥ this series and the dog + adolar's fantastic rubberband space-ship. I always wanted to go on the roof of my granny's house and try if it works with a matrace too. guess what: I did it with my best friend, but it didn't work :-( I figured out, it must be jinxed because of my friend, so I decided to do it alone another time. but I was too scared to really pull it off alone at night on the spooky, dirty roof all by myself, so I never flew to mars, or the planet of the mermaids, the "backwards" planet or to "prehistoric planet" :-)))) )

Road Runner (english theme opening)

"Zwirek i Muchomorek (polish)" 
I get sooo nostalgic watching this. cuuute animations

"Chlopiec z Plakatu (chech)"
★ ★ ★
"Wedrowki Pyzy or Pyza na polskich Drogach" 
(beautiful polish flokloristic drawings and dialoge in the kaszubian*(?) dialect"
★ ★ ★


"Mis Koralgol"

"Mis Uszatek" (I soooo loved this)

"Bolek i Lolek"
(the most famous polish cartoon-export)

"Makowa Panienka i motyl Emanuel" 
(I always thought EMANUEL is the prime example of male chic-a Gaylord Galore! Hallelujah!)

Pani Łyżeczka"

"Wilk i Zajac" 
(famous quotation: zajec, nu pagadi. I remember hating the rabbit sooo much. he annoyed me big time.still I watched all epidsodes when they were on.amazing animation.take that DISNEY!)

"Okienko Pankracego"

"Zaczarowany Olowek"

"Gaska Balbinka" (b/w classic)
even my mom watched this as a child! I think Ptys was horrible,vain and lethargic...

"Jacek i Agatka" (b/w classic)
priceless comment on youtube: "A co powie Pan Malarz? Pan Malarz nic nie powie, bo wczoraj poszedl na sniadanie i do teraz nie wrocil.... :))))) Od malego uczono dzieci w PL stosunku do pracy, hmm."

last but not least: THE SCANDALOUS
"Miś z okienka"

*a teraz moje kochane dzieci pocałujcie misia w DUPE* !!!


  1. What a rich background of Polish 70s and 80s cartoons!!! Do you want me to bring you Spanish cartoons and ads from these magic years??? :-D

  2. Yes, Elena! please do! Nati already told me about some. I am absolutely curious...would love to upload some of those too! hugs