Montag, 6. Juni 2011

PRINZESSINENGÄRTEN, Kreuzboerg Flowmarket (yesterday, 5.6.2011)

LeMagass was there all by himself (apart from MaMa(gass) who came by with some nice coffee and a cake to make sure her son doesnt melt away like a McSundae) ...

It was a great experience again. loads of nice people, loads of killer bees (due to the botanic garden that was used as a fleamarket place) loads of fresh air, too much sun (YES; mark my words, TOO MUCH DAMN HOT SUN- must've been around 35°C) and no roof over my stand. still it was a success and I'm looking forward to do the stand next time around AGAIN :-)

here are some pictures:

ELECTRIC lips (girls)

I'm back, like promised yesterday.

check out the stuff that I like at the moment. today let's focus on fluorescent/pastel ELECTRIC (for example: lipstick)...

poeple who know me, know that I LOVE colour. as a person of colour, I like to wear bright colours and bold patterns myself. If you happen to be a (mix-)coloured GIRL,u most probably know what I'm talking about. even guys can and SHOULD definately try to break the (fashionsta) black/grey uniform look. the big city life can be so dull and grey itself. DARE TO BREAK THE PATTERN. be bold!
famous people like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna  and a very talented make up artist from berlin, named TALI rock that look hard. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE !!! :-)

here's a collage of pictures I found on the web, showing what I'm talking about:

LIPSTICK: limecrime
"(Blogger Doe Deere has recently teamed up with Lime Crime for a joint-venture make-up line under the slogan 'So bright it's illegal'. In her hometown of Los Angeles , the opaque and unusual colors are considered an insider-must-have. They can be ordered for 13 at (7 shipping cost from 70 free shipping)." quote from

to be continued...

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

LeMagass is busy at a flea-market NEAR YOU

Hi Y'All

I just wanted to apologize for not being here for such a long time. I will make it up to you, I promise. In the meantime you can probaly catch LeMagass at a fle-market near you, if you're living in Berlin.

virtual hugs